Spellify for Coldfusion V1.0 Released

Spellify is an awesome textarea spell checker which uses a smooth and effective Ajax based interface. It's written by Nikola Kocic and can be downloaded here: http://www.spellify.com/

I was immediately impressed by the look and feel of this project which uses the Google spelling API but was dissapointed to see that it only supported PHP and .NET.

Well, I couldn't have this so set to work on a Coldfusion version. As CF makes these kinds of thing simple, within 30 minutes I had knocked together a Coldfusion version of Spellify.php which makes the call to the Google API and returns the XML to the Spellify Javascript.

I haven't tested this massively but it's a simple piece of code and seems to work nicely so I thought I'd get it released so you can get integrating Spellify if you need a spellchecker for textareas on your site.

Let me know if you find any issues with it.

This *should* work with all versions of CF - at least back to CF6 anyway.

Download Spellify.cfm V1.0

Here are the instructions - taken from the included READ ME.txt:

Spellify - Spellify.cfm v1.0 (based on Spellify.php by Nikola Kocic - http://www.spellify.com/)
Copyright (c) 2009 James Allen. (jamesallen.name, www.jwadevelopments.com)

E-Mail: james@jamesallen.name

Spellify.cfm is a Coldfusion version of Spellify.php for use with the superb Spellify text area spellchecker.

INSTALLATION (the following is based on the default spellify.php install and using demo.html to test):

1. Download and unpack the Spellify PHP package: http://www.spellify.com/download.html

2. Place it somewhere in your webroot, e.g /wwwroot/spell/

3. Copy Spellify.cfm to the same location as Spellify.php in the Spellify sub-folder (e.g wwwroot/spell/spellify/spellify.cfm).

4. Edit 'spellify/src/spellify.js', line 47. Change:

var defUrl  = 'spellify/spellify.php';


var defUrl  = 'spellify/spellify.cfm';

That's it!

Spellify should now be working with Coldfusion. You will probably have to change the defURL when you implement the code on your site (e.g /functions/spellify/spellify.cfm etc).

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Gary Fenton's Gravatar Nice one, James. Spellify is pretty darn good for an estimated 80% that don't use Chrome and FF3 with built-in spell checking. I like the way Spellify forces all users to check their spelling.
# Posted By Gary Fenton | 10/14/09 3:21 PM
James Allen's Gravatar Hey thanks Gary,

That is a pretty large number who aren't using the browsers will built in spell checking (which I have personally grown to rely on).

I had been looking for something like Spellify for months so we can build it into one of our big sites. Really pleased it wasn't a huge job to produce a CFM version.

I think that's the thing about how this works.. It unobstrusively forces people to think about their spelling and makes it nice and easy to fix it.
# Posted By James Allen | 10/14/09 5:55 PM
James Brown's Gravatar Works really well. One consideration... if I click "Ignore" on a word, it shouldn't re-ask me on that word if I keep writing and it re-checks.
# Posted By James Brown | 9/1/10 6:24 PM
James Allen's Gravatar Hey there James,
Ah excellent idea! I just did a basic CF wrapper to get it Spellify working but I might take a look at the JS source and see what it would take to fix that.
I'm not sure how actively the developer updates it so it might be worth a go. Do love how this works. Think I'll take a look when I next integrate it.
# Posted By James Allen | 9/1/10 6:36 PM
Ray's Gravatar Fixing the ignore to remember previous ignore(s) would great.

Doesn't look like Spellify itself get's much attention by the original creator these days.
# Posted By Ray | 4/19/11 7:45 PM
Jeff's Gravatar I must be missing something, spellify is saying no spelling errors detected.

I am not that great at coldfusion yet so any help you can provide would be great.

# Posted By Jeff | 11/17/11 12:08 AM
Scott's Gravatar all of sudden we are getting this

The request has exceeded the allowable time limit Tag: cfhttp

from what i kind tell the online versions that i have seen are working..
any idea why we could be getting this?
# Posted By Scott | 1/13/12 9:31 PM
Dwayne's Gravatar Is there a way to put this in a folder in the application other than the CF directory if you do not have access to it and still have it function correctly?
# Posted By Dwayne | 1/2/13 8:51 PM
James Allen's Gravatar @Dwayne
I don't think that is possible as the Spellify code performs an Ajax request to spellify.cfm and so that must be located in the CF webroot.

Sorry for the long delay (I think I totally missed your comment). I am assuming this issue sorted itself out? Sounds like connection issues to the Google spelling API.
Though saying that, it does perform an HTTPS request so the time out might have occurred if your network blocks outgoing connections of port 443 (though I'd expect a straight failure rather than a time out).

@James / @Ray
Not sure I can really change the Spellify core without permission from the author. Might look into it though.
# Posted By James Allen | 1/8/13 4:27 PM
Ray's Gravatar does anyone know if Google removed or moved the app? All of a sudden my app stopped working.

404 error on:

# Posted By Ray | 7/17/13 4:59 PM
James Allen's Gravatar Yeah it looks like this service has been discontinued. Been down for months now :(
# Posted By James Allen | 8/12/13 10:31 PM
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