ProtX is rebranding to SagePay - TEST and SIM servers now use different URL!

I wondered why when I tried to test my Protx VSPServer integration today that it just wouldn't work. I kept getting this SSL problem when submitting the HTTP POST:

I/O Exception: Name in certificate `'
does not match host name `'

I assumed this was a temporary issue but have just found out that ProtX is rebranding to SagePay and you need to use the following domain for TEST and SIM:

There is also a new path for each operation so check out the table posted on the ProtX support forums:

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Glyn Jackson's Gravatar I knew they had changed the test URL's however the emails they sent to developers did not explain that the old ones would just stop working. the Live URL will still work for some time to come no date on when we have to change that over yet, how about you? do we have a set date floating around?
# Posted By Glyn Jackson | 4/18/09 11:53 PM
James Allen's Gravatar Hi there Glyn,
I hadn't got the email regarding the change so it was quite annoying to suddenly find my test code failing all of a sudden.
I have read that the live URL's will continue for quite some time (I think after the 3D Secure screw up a few years ago SagePay are keen to avoid customers having major problems).

It's probably a good idea to change over as soon as possible though just so that your fully up to date.

I was more annoyed that the VSPServer templates have been updated and are now pushing my brand new implementation out. I'm going to have to customise this more than I originally intended which I'm not too happy about.
# Posted By James Allen | 4/19/09 4:48 AM
Joe_SagePay's Gravatar Hi,

If there is any assistance I can offer, please let me know.

I have a full list of both test and live URL's and would be more than happy to help troubleshoot any problems you might be having.

Please email me through this message board.

Kind regards,

# Posted By Joe_SagePay | 4/21/09 12:45 PM
James Allen's Gravatar @Joe_SagePay

Thanks for posting. You do a great job on the Protx / SagePay forums and anyone who is having issues with an integration should hit the forum as their first port of call:
# Posted By James Allen | 4/21/09 12:49 PM
Joe_SagePay's Gravatar Thanks James,

If I can be of assistance to you or any of your customers please do let me know. I am trying my best to offer a presence accross a range of boards
and forums so people know that help is here if they require it.

Sincere wishes,

# Posted By Joe_SagePay | 4/21/09 8:49 PM
James Allen's Gravatar Thanks again Joe - it's great to see you proactively looking out for the interests of the developers who use your system. It's this kind of support that keeps us happy with using Protx / SagePay.
# Posted By James Allen | 4/21/09 8:53 PM
Glyn Jackson's Gravatar A little annoyed as of 7am yesterday we have over 10 customers ringing up and to tell us the live URL’s no longer worked, after SagePay reassured us the old URL’s would work. The way they are forwarding for VSP Direct to the new URL’s does not work for CFHTTP calls to the old URL’s they need updating. I have posted them here if anyone is having the same problems with VSP Direct...
# Posted By Glyn Jackson | 4/22/09 12:00 PM
James Allen's Gravatar Hi Glyn,

I must admit I was pretty astounded yesterday when I heard that the forwarder wasn't working at all and that we would need to update all our sites. It wasn't too bad a job as I use my own custom ProtxTag but I was surprised this hadn't been 100% tested. So do the old URL's work for other platforms? Is it just CFHTTP in Coldfusion (and the equivalent calls in Java) that cause this issue?

Thanks for the link to the new URL's - always useful to have other options for developers who need to make the changes quickly.
# Posted By James Allen | 4/22/09 12:07 PM
Joe_SagePay's Gravatar Hi Glyn and James,

Firstly could I please point you and your customers/clients to this resource:

As for the forwarding; as far as I'm aware the issue only affected CF users or those using older versions of cURL or
OpenSSL. I'm told (although please go easy on me as I'm not a techie) that it is due to the SAN certificate (subject alternative
name) that covers two domains. Older versions of cURL or OpenSSL are not seeing both the domains as certified and this
is raising a security error of sorts.

The best fix is to replace the old URL with the new URL, hopefully all on the list above.

Once more I'm available all day and into most of the evening and we have 24 hour support if you should need it.

Kind wishes,

# Posted By Joe_SagePay | 4/22/09 1:19 PM
James Allen's Gravatar Thanks Joe, that does shed some light on the situation. I assumed it was affecting all customers. I can understand how hard it is to handle every compatibility when moving over to a new system.

The only thing regarding SAN is that this was only affecting things on the SIM and TEST server for us. When the new URL's went live, I was seeing 'connection failure' messages, not a security failure. The payment code was just not seeing any kind of response from the old URL's.

Thanks again for your help and insight.
# Posted By James Allen | 4/22/09 1:24 PM
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