Monkey Island: Special Edition Released

Just a quick non-Coldfusion related post about the release of the classic point and click adventure game by LucasArts - Monkey Island.

Nineteen years after release the guys at LucasArts have taken the original game - keeping the exact same engine - and given it a visual and audiotory overhaul. They have redone all of the graphics (painstakingly redrawn by hand), updated the musical score and added a complete vocal track - using the voice actor from later Monkey games to play Guybrush again.

The results are frankly mind blowing. The graphics look fantastic and really give new life to this amazing example of the point and click adventure genre. I always longed to have Monkey Island as a 'talkie' but never thought it would happen. With this update I finally get to hear what all these awesome characters sound like and the results are brilliant.

I have only played it for a few minutes but got a huge buzz as soon as the opening titles appeared in glorious HD. I will be playing it on my 50inch plasma at 1080p resolution (1920x1080) and have to say it looks stunning.

It's being sold through Steam for the bargain price of £6.99 in the UK and $9.99 in the US.

It's a meaty 2.5gb or so download but the whole process is made nice and simple via Steam - I'm very impressed with the whole delivery mechanism I must say.

The game is available on PC via Steam direct download or on the XBox 360 via the Xbox Market Place,

You can get the PC version from here:

Details about the Xbox 360 version here:

Being able to play this again brings back some awesome memories of the first day I got my Amiga A500+ in 1990. Once I started playing I couldn't stop until it was completed.

I now just hope that it sells in bucket loads and convinces LucasArts to give the same treatment to Monkey Island 2: Le Chucks Revenge.

Here's some shot's of the game on my TV: (click for a larger view)

You might not have realised yet but if you press F10 (on the PC version) at any time the game will revert back to the original look exactly - complete with actions panel at the bottom of the screen. It also removes the vocal track and goes back to the original music. Awesome to see the difference.

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Paul Kukiel's Gravatar Is it still the same game ie walk around clicking on stuff and solving puzzles? If so it looks nice and I will have to get this!
# Posted By Paul Kukiel | 7/17/09 7:37 PM
James Allen's Gravatar Yeah, it is actually the original engine completely but with a new layer on top for the graphics and sound etc. You can actually press a key to switch back to the old graphics for a true nostalgia trip! :)

They have done a really beautiful job on retaining all of the original charm but updating it's presentation.
# Posted By James Allen | 7/17/09 7:57 PM
Shaun Mccran's Gravatar Good pick, this was a top game in the early 90's and its good to see that its even better now. Finally a retro game that doesn't just have the good memories attached to it, it actually is better now than it was before.

I opted for the 360 version as I was attempting the get the other half into it (she missed it forst time around). Does lead me to wonder why the pc version is 2.5gig and the 360 version is 520mb though.
# Posted By Shaun Mccran | 7/30/09 5:37 PM
James Allen's Gravatar Hey there Shaun,

It is pretty awesome to be able to re-experience this classic again after 19 years isn't it. First game I got for my Amiga A500+.. Great memories.

The crazy thing is, with the new graphics I still feel it's how I used to play it. I.E that's how it looked in 1990. Funny how the brain does that as our expectations of gaming changes every year. It had all the magic of the new graphics all the way then though.

I just hope they do the same for Monkey 2 - that rocked.

Good call of getting your other half into it. That's exactly what I've been trying. My GF is younger than me so she never saw it. Pretty cool to be able to throw it up on the plasma and play it at weekends with her. Funny how I can't remember what to do for many of the puzzles yet though. lol.

That is a strange difference in size. Unless the sound samples are higher quality on the PC version or something. There has to be some reason for that difference.
# Posted By James Allen | 7/30/09 5:42 PM
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