Setting up Mylyn in ColdFusion Builder 2

NOTE: IF using ColdFusion Builder 2 - Update 1 you MUST use the following update site (not the helios one mentioned in the post:

For a new project I have just started we are using the excellent Mylyn task focused system for Eclipse

I have just spent a little bit of time working out exactly how to install Mylyn using the update system built into Eclipse and thus ColdFusion Builder 2.

To save other people this time, here is a quick guide to a base install:


Step 1: Go to the Help -> Add New Software link in ColdFusion Builder 2


Step 2: Type the Eclipse Helios update URL into the 'Work with' text field:

(This is the update site for Eclipse 3.6 which ColdFusion Builder 2 is built on)

... and click 'Add'. Give it a name (Helios Update Site for example) and click 'OK'


Step 3: Once the updates load (it may take a while) expand the 'Collaboration' item


Step 4: Select the following items - as shown in the screenshot:


Please Note: I have selected the 'Trac' connector as this is the system we are using on our current project. Obviously do not install this if you're not using Trac and select 'Bugzilla' if this is your bug tracker of choice.

Click 'Next' and then 'Finish' to install Mylyn.

Once complete you should click the button to restart ColdFusion Builder 2.

The Eclipse docs recommend starting with the -clean command line argument after installing new software which you can do like this:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 Beta\CFBuilder.exe" -clean


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Dan Fredericks's Gravatar Hey,
so are you or anyone else using Mylyn for anything more than to just link into Trac/Bugzilla? It seems like it can be used to do more, maybe link into SVN? Right now we (some of us not using dreamweaver) have mylyn installed to link to bugzilla, I read mylyn can be used to do more, I was just wondering if anyone is using more of its featues?

# Posted By Dan Fredericks | 9/28/11 2:17 PM
James Allen's Gravatar Hi Dan,

Good question. I know it can be tied into SVN and other source control systems as we are using it with Mercurial. I am very new to it, but I'm using the tasks system to query Trac and show my tickets. I can then activate a task and apparently when I push any changes to Mercurial it will make reference to the task / ticket. I'm not 100% on the specifics yet but it's definitely got that scope.

I'd be interested to hear how other people are using it.

Also, the group working functionality is cool where I can share my context with other developers who can then open the task in their IDE and they see only the relevant files for that task. Pretty cool.
# Posted By James Allen | 9/28/11 2:25 PM
Dan Fredericks's Gravatar James, that is really helpful. From reading some of the online docs about mylyn, i thought it did more than just link into bugzilla/trac. Now, I also hope people will reply to this and tell both of us more.

can you explain a bit more about how the group functionality works, how it is setup, ect? I have some people on eclipse/builder so this feature may be really helpful..

# Posted By Dan Fredericks | 9/28/11 4:27 PM
Jose's Gravatar Do you guys know the equivalent of this, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe ColdFusion Builder\CFBuilder.exe" -clean, in OS X? I installed Mylyn on CFB 2 but I'm not seeing it in my views.

# Posted By Jose | 9/28/11 7:09 PM
James Allen's Gravatar Hi there Jose,

Good question about CFB on the Mac.

To start it in clean mode do this:

In a terminal, go to the ColdFusion Builder Installation directory/, and run the following command:

./CFBuilder -clean
# Posted By James Allen | 9/29/11 1:07 PM
James Allen's Gravatar @Dan

I've not tested the sharing of context's yet based on task but will be doing that soon. The starting point is opening up the 'Task Repositories' view (Windows -> Show View -> Other..) and adding the issue tracker into it. You can then use the 'Tasks' view to add in queries that pull down various tickets based on filtering.
Once you have remote tickets listed you can then activate them and let Mylyn keep track of the context. I'm not sure, but I assume that this will then let other's who open the remote task to see all the files you have been edited in context.

I need to test that but I think that's the size of it.
# Posted By James Allen | 9/29/11 1:11 PM
Dan Fredericks's Gravatar thanks for the info, the following blog post just happened to be posted today and is right along the lines of what we are talking about:

here is a mylyn/cf blog post that may help, or may not:

# Posted By Dan Fredericks | 9/29/11 2:33 PM
James Allen's Gravatar Brilliant! Thanks for the link Dan. Mike really is the Mylyn man.
# Posted By James Allen | 9/29/11 4:02 PM
Jose's Gravatar Thanks James, I was able to run the command but my Mylyn view still doesn't show up under "Window > Show View > Other..." even though I have installed the items mentioned in your Step 4. Any other thoughts? Thanks again.
# Posted By Jose | 9/29/11 6:48 PM
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